Panjab Tiffin Service was born out of this need for working families and international students looking for wholesome home cooked meals on a budget.
The extra few hours spent grocery shopping and meal planning and cooking could be utilised more constructively by them.

Infact the families of Owners get their daily tiffin from PTS too and have actually been able to save money on groceries besides the daily struggle of what to cook and the time spent cooking.

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Tiffin Service in Surrey


As new immigrants to Canada, what we missed most on moving here was mums’s home cooked food (Maa ke haath ka khana).
With a busy lifestyle of managing shift jobs, kids, home and grocery shopping, we began making unhealthy food choices and ended up spending much more.
We also saw international students having few options for good wholesome meals. We decided to start a food service venture out of our own personal need for good meals on a budget.

PTS was formed by two Passionate Management Professionals . Both of them possess vast experience in Management and Customer Service. They apply all these skills to run this business in the most efficient manner.