Tiffin Service provider in Surrey

We all love a good takeout meal, and it’s hard to not see why. With delicious food delivered on demand and none of the dishes to do, we wish everyday could be a takeout day. However most people would probably agree that traditional takeout options, as part of a daily routine, would be terribly expensive and not particularly healthy – that is until now. Introducing tiffin delivery, the newest and best food ordering service available in Surrey, Delta, and Langley.

How is Panjab Tiffin Service Different?

Unlike ordering a meal from your local Indian restaurant, which comes family style in large servings, a tiffin service delivers individual meal sized portions of your favourite traditional Indian food items, including sabji, dal, raita, and tawa roti. This allows you to enjoy several of your favourite dishes without ordering enough food to feed a small army.

Tiffin delivery is also unique in that it is a weekly subscription service that delivers a new hot meal daily, 6 days a week. This best, new food ordering service provides fresh, homemade meals delivered to your door, dorm, or office daily, for roughly the same cost as your morning latte. Each weekly tiffin menu is specially prepared in a vegetarian kitchen by professional chefs with a passion for bringing authentic flavour to everyday meals. Ingredients are locally sourced daily, helping to ensure quality and freshness.  With Panjab Tiffin service, eating fresh and eating healthy has never been easier or more delicious.

This best food ordering service is able to provide healthy, fresh, homemade meals at a very affordable price point by offering customers a preplanned menu and meal delivery service. By focusing on one daily menu of curated favourites, Panjab Tiffin is able to keep customer costs low while never having to sacrifice on the quality of the ingredients that go into every freshly prepared meal. While a traditional Indian restaurant needs to have ingredients on hand to prepare dozens of dishes on demand, Panjab Tiffin selectively buys only what is needed for that menu, reducing waste and guaranteeing the freshest food at the lowest price.

Tiffin service is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefit of a home cooked meal, but who doesn’t have the time or the means to spend hours in the kitchen. This service is perfect from students missing a taste of home, as an alternative to unhealthy office lunches, or for busy families who don’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience. Everyone, regardless of their situation, deserves to be able to eat healthy, delicious food, without breaking the bank, and Panjab Tiffin Service is helping to make that happen.


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