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If you are new to the restaurant business, you have probably spent a lot of time carefully choosing ingredients, perfecting your menu and making sure your space looks professional and polished. However in this digital age, your website can have as much of an impact on your sales as your food. Before you launch your meal food delivery services in Surrey, it may be time to take a look at your online delivery.

So how exactly does your website affect your meal food delivery? In many ways actually. If you are looking to get ahead of the competition in Surrey, here are 5 things your website should be doing:

Make Your Website Tempting

Chances are, if a user has found their way to your website, they are hungry or planning for a meal, so this is your chance to appeal to their appetites. Create an ambiance for your website that is reflective of your restaurant and use high quality images for your menu items – remember, before someone nourishes their body they eat with their eyes.  

Appeal to the User on Multiple Levels

We’ve covered appealing to their appetite, however there are other ways to get consumers interested in your menu. Entice users with emotional or utilitarian appeal. Perhaps you are a family run business who use local ingredients and supports other local small business. If you are, appeal to the public’s sense of community and let them know!

Equally, you can appeal to an individual’s practical side. If your business offers quality food and affordable prices, or provides its own fast delivery, get the word out.

Make Ordering Easy

Hunger can also lead to impatience, so to ensure that you get the most out of your website, make ordering for food delivery easy. Your menu should be easy to navigate with as few clicks required as possible. Checkout should be simple, and try to avoid forcing users to register for an account, although the option should be given after checkout has been completed.

Optimize for Mobile Browsing

More than 50% of online purchases are completed with mobile devices, and it is possible that number is significantly higher for meal food delivery services. To make sure you don’t lose out on these mobile users, your website should be equally responsive on mobile devices as it is on desktop. The most important factors to consider will be navigation, layout, and one-click options. Research suggests that most mobile users will abandon a website that doesn’t adjust to smaller screens or is overly difficult to navigate. Your food is going to be what keeps people coming back, but your website is going to be what gets food delivery customers to order in the first place. Put your best foot forward with a great website.


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